Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday wonders - I

I is for Inspiration.

We take a lot of photos. Sometimes, they are just to provide ideas (another I-word) for the creative side of our lives. Our watercolors, hooked rug designs, knitting patterns are always close to our thoughts. Anything at all can provide inspiration for our crafts.

This was one of my first inspiring pictures. Actually, this - and the tortoise - were taken by my daughter in Japan. I could see a rug with the screen design and a background of hand-dyed greens.

The colors and lines on this tortoise's shell will be a rug someday. But the colors, shapes and textures could work in a watercolor, too. Or a knitted blanket, maybe.

It's good to have a reminder that leaves can be many colors. Sometimes, I get stuck in the greens or browns.

These are plastic plant pots stacked at a nursery. I like that you can't tell what they are - it's all shape.

The rough bark of a Douglas fir makes an interesting color and texture study.

This tumble-down barn on the prairies and the dry winter grass make a good contrast in texture for the watercolor artist...

Another leaf study. An oak leaf and pine needles close up on a rainy day.

These fishing nets and floats are colorful enough for a watercolor or a hooked rug. Even a sock design could come from this.

None of these subjects have been anything more than imagination (another I-word) material yet. But someday, I know they will become something quite different from their present reality.


Joanna said...

The two images of leaves are my favourites. Especially the oak leaf and pine needs. The colours are lovely.

Rudee said...

You do have the mind and eye of an artist. I love the Japanese screen. I can see how that would make a beautiful rug.


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