Saturday, May 16, 2009


For about six months now, I've been noticing a change in advertising. I am one of those really weird folks who likes to watch TV ads and I also enjoy the colored flyers in the paper. (Put it down to a short attention span and a love of bright colors!) Advertising is a business and part of our economy so if it's evil, it's a necessary evil for our times.

But it's that economic aspect that's interesting. I've seen the TV ads moving in a less costly direction which involves ads with out the expense of paying actors. And this is not necessarily a good thing since it puts people out of work. But so many businesses have had huge advertising campaigns which have depended upon actors and story lines. And now, their ad agencies are having to be creative without spending money on payroll. Sudden thought - maybe they're not even using agencies any more. It doesn't make the ads any better, necessarily, and I wonder if it will be effective advertising.

This morning, I was pulling the flyers out of the paper and one just jumped out at me. It was for Old Navy and all the models were mannequins. It was the strangest looking clothing ad I've ever seen. But, it did catch my eye. So, to that degree it was effective. What they sell is so not my style - they haven't lured me to their store. But, it works on a lot of levels.

I wonder if this kind of restrained advertising will be our future? Or will we just return to the old ways when the economic crisis is over? I suspect the changes are here to stay if the advertising methods work to sell the products.

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Rudee said...

I adore the Old Navy commercials with the mannequins. The first time I saw them I laughed. Their advertising team has always been clever, but the snarkiness of the mannequin dialogue tickled my fancy.


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