Thursday, June 10, 2010

The beat goes on...

Back in April, I posted about my starting to take piano lessons.  I thought it might be good to let you know how that's going.  I did stick to it and I think I'm actually making progress.  I can actually read the music now and play any simple melody that comes my way. 

But two hands...ah!  that's another matter altogether.   I'm having so much difficulty getting my right and left hand to work cooperatively.  And changing chords with any sort of  smoothness is beyond my ability right now.  This requires me to remove my hand from the keys - help! - and then put it down again but on other keys.  Actually, the other keys part isn't hard - it's making sure it's the right other keys. 

But, I'm better this week than I was two weeks ago.  That's all I can ask for: improvement.  Right?   The pieces above are what I'm currently working on.  I have two stickers on the one because I've memorised this piece - there is more on the next page out of the photo.  This is in preparation for performance at what my teacher calls a workshop and I call a mini-recital.  All the students - we're all adults - get together every couple of months to share their progress.  My first will be at the end of the month. 

In the meantime, can you see that I've traded ironing for music?  The ironing board is now a shelf for the various music books I need.  And I can look out at the garden while I play. 


Andrea said...

I have an old music stand if you want!

Ginny said...

How funny, I didn't notice the ironing board till you said. We have a piano and my husband plays at church and parties. I have so often wished I could play. You could not read music till now? That you have learned this much and are making progress is amazing! You must be one fast learner! I've always thought I'm too old, I can't even learn new video games. You have a really nice looking keyboard. Do you have any favorite songs that you want to learn to play?

Stephanie V said...

Andrea - thanks, that would be nice.

Ginny - I had the basics of reading music but not what you'd call an ability. I don't have any song goals. I'll just learn what comes in the books until I feel more confident.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Sounds like you are progressing right along - good for you! Before you know it, you'll be changing chords as easy as you breathe. =)

Gill - That British Woman said...

that's what I need to do trade the ironing board for music!! Great idea,


Paws on the Run said...

Awesome! Have fun at your "workshop". I never could get the two hand thing down either so I feel your pain.

Rudee said...

I think that's the best repurposing of an ironing board that I've ever seen.

Good for you for sticking with your goal to play. I think reading music would be difficult--like learning a new language.

Mimi said...

Hey, well done Stephanie! LOL at the ironing board-good use for it!
Coincidentally, I did another French Horn exam today! Nearly 5 years now since I started, and it's great! Stick with it, it'll all come together soon.
And well done on playing (soon) in the recital- nervewracking but very good for you!


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