Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life lessons

This week has been pretty stressful for me.  You'd think a volunteer's place in the world would be easy.  But, I'm the president and sometimes the buck stops in front of me.  Decisions, meetings, more decisions and more meetings.  We seniors just want an easy life. 

But I know nothing about real stress.  Yesterday, it was all put in perspective for me.  The chickadee babies are learning to fly. 

The crow knows it's happening because Mom and Dad are quite vocal as they chirp instructions and shriek warnings.

These poor little kids have managed to hop from the house-nest to the ground.  Then they hop to the garden for cover.  I don't think that their wings work well at all for the first few hours.  And the crow stalks.  Anne went out with the camera and managed to catch the babies before they could move quickly.  She was also the scarecrow, helping Mom and Dad to keep a determined crow from the babies.

But, as the hours went by, the babies managed to stay hidden in trees and under leaves long enough to get their strength.  Soon they were taking longer flight hops.   The parents kept running to and fro feeding the babies while trying to protect them and teach them.

At least, my life wasn't threatened this week nor the lives of my kids. 


Rose said...

The socks are cute! Must be the week for stress, cause I felt it yesterday. Thanks for putting it in perspective though, as not much we do is life-threatening.

EG Wow said...

I sure hope the baby chickadees elude that hungry grow!

Rudee said...

I imagine we humans would have felt that way around dinosaurs.

The chicks are cute.

Mimi said...

Gorgeous pictures of cute babies!
Must've been "that kind of week"!
Thanks for a bit of perspective Stephanie.

Ginny said...

What good perspective, and great shots! The chickadees seem to blend in a bit. But I'm surprised that Anne wasn't dive bombed by the parents!


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