Saturday, June 19, 2010

For the love of Iris

The iris blooms have finally unfurled.  These are sisters but so completely different in their look. 

The big oriental poppy looks plain compared to the neat construction and coloring of the iris.


Ginny said...

You're right about how that poppy looks next to the iris. The iris are rather exotic looking, making the poppy plain. The blue ones are beautiful, but I must say that unusual white one looks more like an orchid to me! I'm so excited about your identification of our little plant, I'm getting ready to Google it and make sure, but you're probably right! Thanks so much! You DO know your flowers!

Sunita said...

Stephanie those iris look beautiful and rather 'architectural' because of their design. But I do love the poppy too. Believe it or not, poppies are exotic blooms for me!

Ann said...

You are right, the blue is exceptional.

Rudee said...

The iris is undoubtedly my favorite flower. I wish their blooms lasted longer, but while they're out, they're glorious.


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