Monday, June 7, 2010

It's back.

Blogger's been AWOL for me until this very minute.  I've been able to visit other blogs but I couldn't leave any comments.  So frustrating.

I'll try again later - those meetings are calling again.

This is a photo taken by my grand-daughter a couple of weeks ago. 


Rudee said...

I know! Me, too, but surprisingly (not), I've been very productive on the knitting front.

Joanna said...

My goodness, how dependent we get on the internet! For myself I get all twitchy when I can't get online. And to see that big sign about Blogger being out of service--it's quite a shock. Thankfully things seem to be back to normal now.

Angie said...

It hasn't happened down under YET!!!!
Hope it never does. Loved your last post re family photos - you are very lucky to have those old ones.
The garden photo by GD is sweet!

Rose said...

Apparently Rudee was having the same issue! Love the old and new photos!!

Mimi said...

Hi Stephanie! Blogger has gone funny on me too, but I changed the name and address of my blog, at last, and now it has deleted all ny comments, from day one! I hope it's able to take new comments.

Your grand-daughter sure has a good eye, this is a special photo.


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