Friday, June 11, 2010

View from the kitchen window

I can see most of this - and more - just from the kitchen window.  Well, maybe some I have to work at but mostly it's all there.   I actually did a walkabout with the camera so we could get up close and personal.

Meet a pole-dancing runner bean...

and a virginal foxglove.  I am so impressed with the sweet purity of this flower.  Maybe it's the raindrops.

The honeysuckle is really our neighbor's but we get quite a few of the flowers spilling over the fence.

This clematis is named Ernest Markham.  It's a gorgeous magenta color and brings a lot of color to what is mostly a very green part of the garden.

The centers look like exotic - but totally friendly - spiders.

The sweet woodruff makes a carpet of these tiny (under 1/2 inch) white flowers under the pine trees.  It has a  lovely scent, too.

And, on the deck in a container is one of our ready-to-harvest broccoli plants.  Looks ready to me, anyway. 

It was so nice to get out in the garden between rain showers.  Oh, what a funny spring it's been.


Mimi said...

You've got some fabulous flowers there, Stephanie.
I like the liottle white ones, but then I love white flowers!
Your broccolli looks yum- don't know why but i had an idea it had to be quite hot to grow brocc. I've planted purple sprouting brocc, no sign of it sprouting just yet.

April said...

What a lush and lovely garden you have. The tiny woodruff flowers are so pretty, and they must smell divine. Yes, it has been a funny spring.

Ginny said...

This post is a feast for the eyes! The foxglove picture is really special, you don't see many around. We have tried to grow them, but with no luck. We bought three different kinds of clematis vines years ago, and they all withered. Glad to see you are living in the garden of Eden!!

Angie said...

Makes my little food plot look so small!! Nice broccoli.

Rudee said...

I always love a trip through your garden. The pole dancing beans gave me a laugh.

Johnny Nutcase said...

ahhh! these are great, i want 'em! love the photos :) i also like the pole dancing comment, ha!


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