Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Trip

Today we started a long weekend road trip to Lund.  This is a small fishing village founded by Finnish immigrants on the tip of the Sechelt Peninsula northwest of Vancouver.  This part of the world is also known a theSunshine Coast - and it is, shining, that is. Summer has finally arrived.

This is where we began to be out of our known territory. We boarded the ferry from Earl's Cove to Saltery Bay.

Mountains and the sea...this is a half-hour through beautiful scenery on a small ferry where you are close to the water

One place we wanted to visit was Okeover Prov. Park. Not very large but  very significant to the first nations here for the abundance of shellfish. The cliff we're standing  on to take this  photo is actually a 4000 year-old pile of oyster, clam and mussel shells.

There were hundreds of these tiny-but very fierce-crabs in the shallow water. There was  one big one with huge claws who scuttled about defending his prime food turf. 

The camera found a mermaid wannabe sitting on a rock...isn't this a beautiful place?

A young man from New Zealand was preparing his oysters for the family dinner.  He was amazed at not having to dive for the oysters - just walk out and pick them up.

We ate our dinner at the Laughing Oyster  enjoying the beautiful view over the water.

And we had fun watching two women who reminded us very much of ourselves. They made trip after  trip from their van to moored boat with a huge load of supplies: nursery plants, cans of gasoline, coolers and what appeared to be a door.  Everything needed to survive for another week or so.

Tonight,' in the historic Lund Hotel, we will get our sleep because we have a 6 hour boat trip in Desolation Sound.  More tomorrow.


Ginny said...

Wonderful pictures of your trip! I didn't know about this place. Yes, I can see the little crabs! I'm fascinated with tiny crabs, so am delighted by this picture. Can't wait to see tomorrow's adventures!!

Joanna said...

Hope you have a great time. It's been over 30 years since I've been in that area. I bit it hasn't changed that much. I'll be following your trip with interest.

EG Wow said...

Yes, it is a beautiful place. The cliff sure is made up of a lot of oysters! I'm glad the sun finally came out.

Rudee said...

You take such interesting trips! I love the photos, and yes, this place looks beautiful.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Looks beautiful :) I just got back from Greenland... funny timing because I just read your earlier post about the dog sled holiday, and we saw soooooo many huskies! with such cute puppies!


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