Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard at work

The garden never stops - there's action day and night.  And, sometimes, it seems that the work never ends. But we humans don't have to be at it 24/ isn't our livlihood as it is to these particular workers.

Some are always looking for food to sustain their very short lives.

Others look for food to carry back home - and they help pollinate at the same time.

And, there are the  farmers and the  garden security guards.  The ladybug is the natural predator of aphids - he's the tiny green fellow.  However, aphids are farmed by ants for their 'honeydew' food.  Clearly, there's some kind of defensive encounter going on here.  The ant did eventually walk away, though, leaving the aphid to its fate.

That's enough drama for one morning.


Rudee said...

You do have a busy little garden there. Great photos, Stephanie.

Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

Lovely pic! Could do with some more ladybirds in my garden I think. Something's eating the Bok Choi!

April said...

Beautiful pictures!! It's a lucky day when you see a ladybug.

Ginny said...

Good grief, these are absolutly amazing shots!!! I still struggle with Macro! Do you have one of those big cameras, with lenses you can change? And how did you ever find all three bugs on that one plant? I have not been succesful in snapping a ladybug yet! And that bee photo, wow!!! Those coincidences you mentioned on my blog are so interesting, I am forever trying to read deep things into these kind of things, I wonder if there are any real coincidences, it seems everything is for a reason. But how about this third coincidence, we both posted bee close-ups today!! Three coincidences on one day's blog!!

Angie said...

Isn't it good to have some workers around!

Joanna said...

Such a great post! The garden as a microcosm of life and death--it's all there. I'm so curious about the ant and the ladybug. Maybe you can write a kids story about it. I'm off to my own garden now. Have a lovely day.


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