Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Camera! Action!

People who live on side streets miss all the fun.

For the second time in as many years a car has gone out of control and found itself in our yard.  I heard a noise which I thought was from the recycling truck which was picking up outside.  I looked because I couldn't imagine what he'd dumped in his truck that would have made so much noise.  I think he had someone watching over him - the car left the road and shot right by him as he was reaching for the cardboard.  You can see where the cardboard is still sitting.

The woman who was driving blamed the man in the pickup who, I think did nothing more than pull out from behind her.  I think she noticed, too late, that the big truck was stopped and tried to pull out, too.  What went wrong after that is anyone's guess.  But I would have opted for the sidewalk, too, probably.

The car had little obvious damage being a much older model and made of real metal.  She, on the other hand, didn't benefit from being an older model human.  It was a frightening experience for her and she's likely still shaking.  But, her main concern was that no one know she was 83.  It may be that she's been driving ever so carefully to stay under the radar and be able to continue to drive.  Maybe the accident could have happened to anyone.  I can't say.  But  that her story didn't hold up to the obvious facts make me wonder.


Rudee said...

It's a blessing you're surrounded by fences--both natural and man (or woman) made.

I wonder about response times and reflexes of us humans as we age. Sooner or later, there comes a time when we need to hang up our keys.

Stay safe!

Paws on the Run said...

Geesh! I'm sure the recycling guy is still shaking too. Scary. Never a dull moment around you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone is OK. It is hard to see how this can happen, you live on a straight piece of road, I guess a group of circumstances met and that was it.

Ginny said...

Good grief!! Is that your house in the background? So you were pretty well away from all this and weren't in too much danger? Good thing you have a very big yard? I'm glad to see you are taking it with some humor, according to your title! I'm thin king that's the 83 year old lady in the white. I feel badly for her, it's really rough when we can't drive and our independance is taken away, but it seems someone really needs to check out her reflexes. Gald you are O.K.

Together We Save said...

Oh my word!! That would be scary!!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - the photos were taken from our driveway. Neither house pictured is ours. The action's about 20 feet from our garage.

Mimi said...

Sometimes I think if we knew about all the near-misses on the roads, we'd never go out on them!
Lucky for everyone.
Your area looks so nice with all the trees, I hope none of them were damaged- to hell with the car!

me ann my camera said...

What a story. My heart goes out to the driver. 83 years old and what a shattering experience that must have bee and it could have been so much worse. Thankfully no one was injured.What a surprise to you! Wow!

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh my, not good at all. They'll take her license off her for that.

So who do you talk to, to get your fence mended?

Thanks for the info on the quilt block.


Stephanie V said...

Mimi - no trees were injured in this process.

Ann - absolutely it could have been worse. The car just missed the tree by inches. And hitting the truck would have been a disaster.

Gill - if we want to replace the fence, we just have to go through ICBC (our provincial auto insurance provider. It may not be worth it in the long run and we don't mind that open space. It was more a divider than a fence anyway.


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