Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gathering Nuts

Yesterday we had a trio of young Steller's jays - probably siblings - all trying to figure out how to get the one peanut.  It was really hard to capture them as they move very fast.  So, here's a series of not terribly great photos but I hope you get the idea. 

I am much prettier than that miserable flyer!

A peanut!

If I'm really careful...

Got it!

No, it's not snowing here.  I know I complain but it IS summer and it is not THAT cold!  But my pictures above don't show the beauty of these birds.  This one, snapped a couple of years ago, may be a grand-daddy to the young ones we've had today.  In fact, we're still finding husks of the nuts he probably buried way back then.  No matter how many peanuts we give these birds, they always take them away and hide them.

Mostly they forget where.  Or the squirrels get their cache.  Or they hide them somewhere a pile of grass clippings.  Jays are a joy to watch.   They are really quite clever - like their crow cousins - and just as noisy. 


Ginny said...

I LOVE this post because I am a birdwatcher. Also, I have seen the Steller's Jays in books only, we have none here. We have the blue jays. I am shocked at how close he is to you!!! This is a beautiful bird! Do they make a raucous noise like our jays?

Mimi said...

Lovely post, Stephanie.
We don't have blue jays here, so I particularly enjoyed looking at your photos, but initially got a fright when I saw the snow one!


lovely post.i don't know if we have jays here,i've never seen one. pretty blue.
i have a pair of scaly breasted lorrikeets,so fuuny too watch play.

Emille said...

But...they're prettier than crows:) Birds can be very entertaining, aren't they?

Angie said...

Stunning colour!

Madeleine said...

Amusing post. Cute photo. I don't think I've ever seen a bird like that close up before.

Anonymous said...

I had forgottenhow much I enjoyed looking at those jays. Such a wonderful colour.
Regarding last Saturdays post, great knitting and have you had time to sleep?

Rudee said...

I'm amazed at how brave and close that bird came to you.


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