Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jay story - part 2.

I was just sitting in a comfy chair on the deck, reading a book. Just minding my own business.  With a soft swish of air and feathers, the blue shape plopped down beside the door to the house.  I looked up; the jay directed his bright black eye at me and hopped toward the door.

Too late, I noticed that the door was ajar.  Ajar, not open...six inches at most.  I made a move to shove it closed but the cheeky fellow hopped in quickly and then started a little hopping tour of the inside.  He got himself down to the sewing room in his search for peanuts.  Hey!  He knows this is the place! Can you see the jay standing on the quilt frame? I do not keep peanuts under the sewing machine but that's where he's looking with such hope.

It was sad and funny and worrisome all at the same time.  The jay was clearly frightened as he couldn't find his way out. He squawked loudly and flew from window to window in what was mounting panic. So, I decided to lure him out with those peanuts he came to find.  He found the first one and came halfway .  But, of course, he had to stop and hide his treasure under a dresser.  That took forever.  Dust bunnies don't provide much cover for burying peanuts.

Another couple of peanuts led him to the now-opened double doors.  He flew out as soon as he saw those doors.  Inexplicably, he was back at the (closed) door about five minutes later.  I didn't think he'd had that much fun.    He really likes us!


Joanna said...

He's a cheeky one for sure.

Joyful said...

Wow! It's a good thing you figured out how to lure him outside. I'm always worried about the little birds coming in through my patio doors as there are no screens on them. So I stand guard when they get too close, lol.

Ginny said...

This is amazing! If you would have been watching me read it, you would have seen the big smile on my face! Too funny that he tried to hide the peanut under your furniture with you watching! I'm glad it ended well, maybe he will become a regular visitor!

EmptyNester said...

Oh gosh that's amazing! We have jays that frequent the feeders. Funny thing is, when the feeders are empty the jays fly to the window and perch there looking in until I come out and fill the feeders!

J.G. said...

They are almost too clever for their own good, huh? I will have to try peanuts in my yard and see what happens.

Mimi said...

A brilliant story, Stephanie.
I enlarged the picture with him standing on the quilt, but have to confess I spent more time admiring the quilt than the blue jay!
Seems he might become a regular visitor!

Rudee said...

I'm so glad I stopped to read this story. You really made my day. I agree--the quilt is an eye catcher.

Anonymous said...

Oh My, he seemed quite well behaved. It is panicky for them and for us, I had a crow fly into my house a few years ago.


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