Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Stash

So, the day to make a progress report.  I think I'm doing rather well.  If I can keep up the pace for the next six months, I should have at least one chest emptied  - and ready to refiill, hee, hee.  I know I've made a pledge to buy no more yarn but really!  Temptation is lurking everywhere.  Elann knocks on my door with a trio of sock yarns - at least one I covet.  Simply Sock Yarns is opening a new showroom/store.  I think it would be well worth the trip to Fort Wayne just to see the old post office full of sock yarn, don't you?  Maybe next year.  Of course, it's the online buying that I have to be wary of...not the going into shops.  So easy to click that mouse.
But, I must focus; here's the report:

In the Finished-and-I'm-so-pleased-with-the-results category, I have two items.  First up is the baby dress.  It will be given over with all due ceremony to my daughter who has waited all these years.  She can decide what to do with it.  After a wash, 4 buttons and a ribbon it came up a beautiful summer sky blue.  I noticed that there was beading for a ribbon on the front.  A ribbon is just so traditional.

Second, is the Choco-vanilla Swirl skirt.  This I also love.  It's comfy and feels really good to wear.  Although, it is warm so no summer events for this one.  Besides, I think it needs leggings and boots to really carry it off well.  It makes me want to do the twist and make the skirt twirl.  It won't, really, that's just an illusion.  But it does make me think of the straight skirts we used to wear.  Back in those olden days.

This was a really, really easy pattern to knit up.  But the grafting was a killer.  Took me almost 1 and 1/2 hours to pull all 156 stitches together.  And, of course, I had to drag a tail on my needle that was over 6 feet long.  Fun!

What's on the needles now?  I'm still working on the white cotton skirt.  I'm a few rounds away from the lace starting,  Then it'll get interesting.  Right now it doesn't look much different than it did last week - just longer. 

And, since re-storing the left over vanilla cotton yarn from the swirl skirt seemed plain wrong, I decided to knit up a market bag with the remaining three balls.  This is the pattern I'm using: Trellis Market Bag - it will probably be donated.   Then I can cross that yarn right off the inventory.  The small ball of rust wool I did put back in stash, though. 
And there you have the week's progress. 


Ginny said...

I love seeing this, and am now officially jealous! The baby dress is just adorable, I don't think I've seen a prettier one for a really little baby. It should start a trend of christening dresses that aren't white, because any baby would look prettier in that than those long voluminous christening dresses where the poor baby just gets lost!! And the skirt, so cute, I love the swirl!!! And you are right about the boots!

EmptyNester said...

Holy cow! I just sat here reading with my mouth wide open in awe of you! You are truly amazing! I love BOTH- you did a fabulous job...but that's nothing new. Wow!

Emille said...

You couldn't be more pleased with the baby dress and the skirt -beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That skirt is wonderful on you. The baby dress is great, love the sleeves, they work much better than the original design. I haven't been to Elann for a long time, must have a look.

Rudee said...

The baby dress is adorable. I congratulate you on your tenacity!

That skirt? Be still my heart! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

Madeleine Sara said...

I am impressed with all 3 projects. Gorgeous! I am also impressed at the speed they are being produced by you. I should finish my HWB cover so I'll have another project to showcase. Just a few more rows then I'm done. :O)

cindy said...

Oh Stephanie the baby dress is so adorable, you did a marvelous job. I have one of those projects that was a quilt for my grandchild who is now 2+. Your skirt is very fashionable and ya you're right boots and leg-gens.

Mimi said...

Hey, well done!
I,ve been having problems with blogger/internet explorer, tried to comment here but can only work it in firefox.
Anyway, that was just to explain why I haven't been around.
Skirt is stunning, Stephanie, and I agree re boots and leggings too.
I think we all have projects that were started when our kids were little, but the busyness of life got in the way.
Fair play to you for finishing it, and your sleeve pattern fits in perfectly on the dress.


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