Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday wonders - K

K is for Kaleidoscope.

Just a tube.  This one I found in the toy drawer is a bit fancier than most with some colorful fabric on the outside.

There is no hint to the colors and shapes that constantly evolve with each movement of the tube.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by kaleidoscopes.  Part of me wanted to know how they worked.  But only a very small part.  I'm more into the magic than I am the science.  It's enough for me that it is there, making rainbow pictures that delight my eye.

I am, however, a word nerd.  The word 'kaleidoscope' comes from the Greek words for 'beautiful' and 'shape' and 'observation instrument'.  It was invented - and named - in 1817 by a Scottish physicist: Sir David Brewster.  Now you know. 


Ginny said...

Great pictures!! I've always loved kaleidoscopes, too. We have a couple here, I would buy all the real fancy ones if we had the money. And I love the word explanation!!! I never thought about what the word meant, very cool!!!

Angie said...

An ever changing glory of 'beautiful shapes observed'.

EmptyNester said...

I have always loved kaleidoscopes. I find them fascinating!

Joanna said...

Wow--you're on K already! Where does the time go? Yes, kaleidoscopes are eternally appealing.

cindy said...

Fun, Kaleidoscopes takes me back. Great pictures.

Margo Kelly said...

FUN! :) I love kaleidoscopes.

Lindy MacDuff said...

Thank you for that tidbit of history! Your images bring back some fond memories from childhood. Now I'm wondering whatever happened to the kaleidoscope I had as a kid?

Mimi said...

Never knew the origins of the word till now, so thanks!
Lovely fabric on the outside of that one. I too loved kaleidoscopes as a child.

cindy said...

We have been cleaning out our old house and I came across one, it must be older than me. It went to the donate pile.


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