Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking back

As promised, I went digging in the pile of old knitting patterns to finish the little dress from the bottom of the box.

Now, I didn't find that particular pattern.  But I found lots of other neat stuff.   This book from sometime between 1940 and 1946 has a note on the front apologizing for the poor quality of paper.  It was the best they could do during wartime shortages.  I have a copy of a non-wartime edition as well.  The only difference I can see is that the pages are a bit heavier and glossier.  But the "poor" quality copy is as sturdy and readable as any magazine today.

And, on the back, is a box full of advice for the knitter on how to care for the garment and other important wisdom.  My favorite was the last sentence about the healthy properties of wool.  Today, wool producers are still telling us about these properties but they have changed over the years.  I don't think this one would get any dermatologists' approval today.

In the folder were some loose clippings from when my daughter was able to fit into that dress.  Most of them were taken from Woman's Weekly, a British magazine that always had knitting patterns that were useful.  Back then, all the US pattern magazines tended towards the adult and Vogue-ish styles.  Not only were there great patterns, but there was always at least two short stories and a serialized romantic adventure novel to take me away to some exotic locale while I sat in the laundromat waiting for the diapers to wash.

All this digging had me sitting on the couch with tears running down my face.  You know, those babies don't come back.  They do grow and become wonderful kids and adults with kids of their own, though.  But, really, I'm not sure why I was so moved.  Maybe just that the young mom that was me is also so long gone.  The patterns that I found?  Mostly never made.  Some things never change and that young mom just got older.  She still has to organize and then re-organize the things that don't get done.  I did make the little red jumper/sweater set (titled "Such a Poppet")  but I never got around to the lion.  I'll keep them, though, just in case.


Ginny said...

I understand why you would cry, I would have, too. Something from out of your past, long forgotten. You were a different person back you can get a sunburn easier in wool? Yikes!! And here I thought it was so heavy and protective.

Rudee said...

I understand sentimentalism completely. Even your post about your thoughts brought tears to my eyes.

I love the little red dress.

Madeleine said...

Awh cute. Such bitter sweet memories for you. Nostalgia can be a double edged sword as they say Bless you :O)

Mimi said...

I could feel the nostalgia too as I read your post and looked at your pictures, so completely understand your tears.
And if there is a knitter out there who has completed every intended/started project, I haven't met them! To me, it's one of the things about knitting, it's a constantly moving feast.
Even getting the little red dress finished was quite an achievement when you had 2 small children to take care of.


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