Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Stash

Yes, I am somewhat obsessed with this now.  I have spent every spare minute knit, knit, knitting.  There are other things I should could be doing but I'm happy to be clicking those needles.  The faster I empty those chests the faster I can start filling them up again.

What have I finished this week? The skirt is done.  I do like it.  But I worry that the white makes it look like something that should be under another skirt.  I may be investing in some dye for this.  Maybe. 

The lace was fun and pretty easy to do.  If anyone is thinking about knitting a skirt, I'd recommend giving it a try. Having so much plain knitting makes for a good project when you have company or when you need to give your brain a rest.

I have also finished the Trellis market bag from last week.  This was a total success.  The lacy bag expands nicely.  And it weighs hardly anything.  It's going in the donation box.

 I am halfway to finishing a scarf with reversible cables.  A trick I've wanted to learn for a while now.  It's a lot easier to do than it would have been to try and figure it out by myself.  Thank you to those who do the technical stuff for us. This is also for donation.

And does anyone remember my knit along 1953 stockings?  I'm not surprised.  They've been resting for so long that they were in danger of going into hibernation.  I quickly roused them and tried to remember what had stalled me.  Turns out that I wasn't enjoying the lace pattern.  The stockings weren't knit in the round but raher flat and sewn up the back at the end.  I wanted to convert it to the round.  This involved way more converting of knit to purl stitches complete with yarn overs and passed slip stitches.  I got bored with it.

So, this week, I ripped out the lacy part and started over using a vintage lace pattern from one of my old pattern books.  Maybe the diamond pattern is not exactly from 1953 but it would have been known then.  Is that cheating?  Doesn't matter, 'cuz I'm doing it. 

I've been very happy this week just strolling through blogland, visiting my friends and being a follower.  When I wasn't knitting, I was busy with less fun stuff.  I might try this kind of holiday was nice.  And now I'm going to knit in the sun.  Did you notice that sunshine in the photos? Hurrah!


cindy said...

Oh no, please leave it white it is so perfect. I love it, great job.

Ginny said...

I adore the bag and would buy it on the spot if I saw it in a store. Why aren't you keeping it? The skirt is too cute and I don't think people will think it's a slip if you wear it in hot weather. But the socks, I LOVE the color. Well, why would anyone seam them up the back? You would be walking on a painful seam! In the round would avoid that?

Mimi said...

I like the skirt, but I get why you would dye it too, plu swhite is so hard to keep. I'm thinking crushed raspberry for some reason?
The market bag is amazing, it won't be in the donation for long.
You'r eflying through the stash, Stephanie.
And yes, I noticed the sun, and it's here too! I can never get over how alike our weathers are, though on different sides of that huge ocean. Amazing.

Angie said...

Wish I was near that donation box!!!


the skirt is gorgeous!!!would love to knit one for my daughter,she loves vintage.where can I buy a pattern?

EmptyNester said...

I'm totally hooked too- on seeing what you've accomplished! And, as usual, I am totally impressed!

I would LOVE to knit a bag like that---how difficult would it be for a complete novice?

Stephanie V said...

Cindy - it's still white.

Ginny - I already have a few of these bags. Thought it would be nice to donate it. Our seniors ahve a little craft store where they sell their hand-made items.

Mimi - funny, that's the color I had in my mind, too. I thought it was because the pattern photo has one in aubergine.

Angie - I'm hoping to fill it up this fall.

IWBY - you can buy the pattern from the designer on Search for Flouncy Skirt. If that doesn't work email me (address on my profile)

Pam - If you've tried a sock, I think you could make this bag. It's a very easy lace pattern on fairly large needles. I could talk you through any difficulty, I'm sure.

Rudee said...

I like the white!

You've done a remarkable amount of knitting this summer. 2 skirts? Wow. I'm so impressed at the amount of beauty your creative side is putting out to the universe.

PixieMum said...

Where did you find the pattern for the lovely bag?

Would love to make that, so useful to have to hand when buying even more yarn.


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