Friday, January 9, 2009

'Beauty' and the 'Beast'

Finished the first knitting of 2009! Is this an omen? Does this mean I'm going to spend the whole year knitting socks? Maybe, because that's what's on the needles as we speak.

I do have other plans. I do. The new Knitters magazine was pushed through the letter slot yesterday. As I've probably mentioned before it is not consistently full of patterns that I would want to make. I'm sure that would be a pretty odd knitting magazine. But there are so many interesting, challenging and just pretty patterns in this issue. Now, since these are all subjective words, you might want to just browse at the bookstore before taking the leap. I think there's a lot to this one and I'm mentally sorting through my stash putting together ideas for some of the patterns. I might even splash out on some new yarn!

And I'm also looking forward to the completion of their sock design contest. My idea of a sock design is to work within the boundaries of the pattern I always use. And since there are so many, many ways to use knits and purls I can be happy just as I am. All the sock designs do inspire me, though, to make that plain sock just a little bit more interesting.

And that leads right back to the 'beauty' socks. They are very plain except for the row of bobbles around the top of the ribbing. The confetti-like flecks of pink and purple are so subtle that I didn't want to detract from them at all. The yarn just kept quietly saying "little girl' and "spring-time" could I resist some little white ankle socks for Becky?

And I've had the black/white yarn from Upper Canada Village for over two years. And since I only used a small amount, it's still a yarn to be used. I have a basket full of knit slippers for visitors to the house who get cold feet. But the only pair of small ones were purple - with pompoms! And the traditional style doesn't really stay on little feet very well. So, when I saw this pattern I figured it could work. We'll have to see. The intended boy seems to prefer being barefoot - a preference I can easily identify with. I think the slippers are so very chunky and primitive looking beside the fine white socks that I called them the Beast. Not the boy who might wear them.

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Anonymous said...

You are right about that little boy liking to go barefoot :) If I can get socks to stay on his feet I'm doing well. And Becky likes the socks, hopefully I didn't let the cat out of the bag.


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