Saturday, January 24, 2009


For a non-hat person, I have a surprising number hanging about on hooks and lurking in drawers and closets. I have a Tilley for rainy days, sunny days and trekking through the woods. There's a straw hat for hot days in the garden. Baseball caps keep the snow off my glasses while letting me pull my hood up to keep the snow from going down my neck. But, I never seem to have the perfect hat for cold winter days. Being a knitter means it's easy to make a hat and there''s so many great patterns out there to try. I have a lot of knit hats to choose from when I go for a walk in the winter. That warm hat that stays put over my ears has always been just out of reach. But no more.

I have discovered the Amanda Hat designed by Gina House. Well, I didn't just trip over it...a friend (thanks, Teresa) was talking about it and I was curious as to what it was like. When I found the pattern on Ravelry, I downloaded it immediately and set to work. I had the green wool that I had dyed before Christmas which turned out to be perfect.

I think this might be the answer to the cold ears issue. It looks like a bucket hat on Nefertiti but it fits me snugly over the head and ears - well below the earlobe. The stitch is pretty easy to knit up and yet looks complicated. If I have a little quibble with the design it's the 'seamline' that is formed by the first knit stitch in every round. And, maybe it's not the most flattering hat for me but what hat is? Now I'm warm and happy when I'm walking on cold days.

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Paws on the Run said...

I really like it. Nice colour, cool stitch pattern.


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