Thursday, January 22, 2009

That stream

Yesterday, someone commented that the rug (so far) looks very tranquil. I think that's definitely the result of only using two colors. The only movement is, I hope, the directional hooking of the stream. That's my intent.

But this morning, as I was hooking to Jaqueline du Pre playing Elgar, some of that tranquillity came to me. And I had another thought: the whiskey that this stream produces will be smoky and dark. Somehow, the music was working very nicely with the colors of the water and the stillness of the rocks. The cello's tone echoed, at times, the smoky gray in the tweed. I could almost smell the peat fires.

Funny, only yesterday, I was wondering if it would work. Now, I can hardly wait to finish the rug and get it on the floor. The story and mood behind the rug will carry away any little design dissatisfaction of mine.

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