Monday, January 19, 2009

Time flies

This is a photo from the inside of my grad yearbook of my high school. This morning, on Facebook, I posted a reunion notice for 50 years. I'm still in a kind of daze. The years, for sure! But also because I'm the one posting the note.

A few weeks ago, I commented on a posting by a fellow I went to school with. I say 'went to school with' but he's actually two years younger than I am and we barely nodded when passing in the hall. Of course, I knew who he was but we really didn't travel in the same circles. he was the same age as my younger brother, for goodness sake.

Anyway, we exchanged a few more comments and suddenly we found ourselves seriously considering doing this 50th reunion. Of course, we're hoping that a few more poeple come forward to help make it happen.

A funny thing, though, when talking to Mike. I feel as though there are two distinct people in my mind. One is the teenager who had a name and a face and not much more. And the other is a man my own age who is looks nothing like that boy. The intervening years have seemed to make him into a whole other person. Does that happen to all of us? Or does it matter how well you know the younger entity? Or how many years since you've seen them?

I'm looking forward to this process but it's even farther away than the Olympics. Lots and lots of time to plan.

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Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I have just been invited to my 40th year reunion from high school! A website has been set up with, and people's names and information are being collected way ahead of time. I think it is a great idea, so we don't all die of shock when we see each other! Part of the process is posting updated pictures and a brief bio.



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