Saturday, January 3, 2009

A beginning

You know how sculptors will say that the shape is already in the stone? That's exactly what happens to me, sometimes, with wool that I get.

I mentioned before that the jacket fabric looked like a mountain stream to me. This image was calling to me to hook it up - and quickly. So I am. I have further challenged myself to use only two fabrics. I have never done this before and not getting out all the colors in the paintbox is quite hard for me. But, resist I will.

The rug is square-ish (approx. 35") with random stepping stones of different sizes which will all be hooked in a lovely Harris tweed. I think it looks like granite. Then the stream part will be flowing and twisting around the stones in a diagonal course across the rug. As I'm hooking the word "skeining" keeps flashing through my thoughts. That's what I'm hoping the water looks like.

And because I began this while listening to a CBC program connecting Celtic music with drink, I know this mountain stream is somewhere in the highlands of Scotland. The peat-colored water flowing quickly to bring water to make the whiskey.


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

Love your list of labels in this post.LOL The stones in a stream is a neat idea, I have seen it done in quilting and painting and so I am looking forward to your interpretation. It is going to look neat.

Stephanie V said...

Thanks...I hope it will live up to my vision.


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