Saturday, January 10, 2009


No, I'm not reading great literature. Last week, all the relevant files were passed from the former president to the current president (me). It's just amazing how much goes on behind the scenes that as board members, we're simply unaware of. There are lots of piles of paper which are fascinating reading. This reading illuminates so much about the organization that was little or badly understood or, as I said, didn't know even existed.

Now, having done this kind of work before, I'm not totally surprised by the amount of background information there is. And I know that most of it is a read-once experience. I'm sure I will continue to generate this kind of paper pile for the next president. Imagine what can happen in two years!

But while I'm reading and learning, the hooking isn't happening. Nor is the book list being reduced. I do think this is almost as much fun, though. I love organizations, meetings and reading minutes. It's all about people and that's the most fun of all.

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