Friday, January 16, 2009

Not so easy

The photos, I mean, not the socks.

I was trying to demonstrate that with a basic sock pattern and a few knit and purl stitches that anything is possible.

I wanted to have some stripes along the sides of these pink socks and I wanted something cable-y. I decided on two rows of a 2-stitch twist every other round with one strip beginning at the ribbing and the other a few rounds lower. The twisting on each was done on an alternate row so I was actually twisting - on half the stripes - every round.

The back was the tricky part to photograph. I don't know if my model found it hard to stay still or not but none came out really clear. This is the best. I also chose it because the color is perfect which is another hard thing to get right. The back has one stripe in the center and one lower on each side. I think that if I were to do it again I might continue the stripes into the heel. I was thinking of comfort in a shoe and figuring that it wouldn't be visible. But the design doesn't flow and I'm sort of not happy about that.

That's what photos do: show you the little things that you thought you could live with. And, of course, I would rather move on to new ideas than re-work one I've already done. So many little time.

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