Thursday, January 1, 2009


The jacket that came in our Christmas box is now on its way to becoming a rug. This is the journey every garment takes when I recycle it.

It takes about an hour and a sharp pair of scissors to separate the jacket into pieces. Then I wash the pieces in hot water and throw them in the dryer to full the fabric. I then cut the fabric into 1/4" strips. And I hook them into the burlap.

There's no design on this backing yet because I was impatient to see how the checks would hook up. I really like it - reminds me of a mountain stream: grays and browns like the rocks with a bit of pale green. I think I could hook a whole rug with this alone and it would look pretty good. Can't say that about every garment that comes my way.


Penny said...

Oh, that's lovely. Such warm, earthy colours (with the sky mixed in).

deb said...

Love the way it looks hooked up! Glad you liked the parcel stuffer - I figured it was more exciting stuffing than the local paper!


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