Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The poor worms in the compost box are going to have to survive on the scraps they received today. I'm hoping since it's cold that they aren't as active as usual. We haven't attempted the trek to the side of the house since Christmas and the bucket contents had been compacted as much as possible. It was time.

But, emptying the compost bucket this morning was an adventure on the order of an Arctic expedition. Snow seems to be higher on this path than anywhere else. The gumboots fill up with snow when you walk where no one has gone before. Returning, you feel like King Wenceslas' page: walking in your own footprints. Or trying to. That's actually harder than blazing a new trail. So, I guess the King had it easy; he just didn't know what he was asking the page.

But I digress. Here's to the hard-working worms! May they find morsels to help them last another few days.

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