Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elizabethan revel?

I was playing with the idea of tucks the other day and wondered how they'd look incorporated into socks. Here's the result.

When you love words, there's a lot of fun in trying to choose an appropriate title for things. I like to name all my creations and that can take as long as it actually making the item. I mull over ideas, narrow the field and then go back an pick up discarded ideas. So, as I'm knitting the socks, I wait for the character to emerge.

At first, I thought the word 'chocolate' would be in there somewhere. The brown is more like the photo on the left. Kind of an obvious thought, though, and I like a little more complexity. And, the chocolate idea could be reinforced by the mint 'icing' and the varicolored yarn is the 'sprinkles' on the cupcake. Nah! That was way too long and involved. Talk about complex.

The tucks have a picot edge which gives them a frilliness and suggest a Caribbean party. Hmmm...then the brown could be rum and Coke - a Cuba Libre! As I worked on, that became one of the lower choices. I started thinking the tucks looked like the stand-up armor of a stegosauraus. And then again they reminded me of Elizabethan ruffs. Which idea, as you can see from the blog title, won the day.

My favorite reject is : I found my frill" . Now you know just how silly words can make you. No, no, it's not the knitting. That's completely serious. And I'm contemplating further tucking - it's great fun. I'm envisioning a side-to-side knit sweater with tucks of a contrasting color down the fronts. Or a dino sweater for Charlie with tucks on the sleeves. Could work.

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Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I agree names are the hardest thing to come up with, but that's a good name for the socks. They look great.


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