Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's cold outside.

It really is. And it was perfect weather for our hot turkey stew lunch for the seniors. We served 30 people with stew, biscuits and apple crisp for dessert. It was a fun lunch on a cold but sunny day. We even got to sing Happy Birthday.

These three fine penguins were also present as was the big enamel pot. We actually had two full pots and used up most of it.

This is my lovely brown pot and was actually purchased at the thrift store for dyeing wool. And, so far, it has only been used for soups and stews. It's just too nice to ruin for food. I doubt I'll ever use it for dyes.

Years ago, Anne & I had a dream of having a B&B. In our beautifully restored house, we would serve lovely breakfast menus: Anne's usually involved some variation on French toast and I would be baking muffins. This morning, it took us three hours to chop all the vegetables and bake up five batches of baking powder biscuits. That's about as close to the B&B dream as we're probably ever going to get. And that's probably good enough for us now.

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