Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beauty everywhere

Even in a parking lot.

Yesterday, I was captive to a bottle drive. Our seniors' association was raising funds to help with operating costs for the bus. If you've ever done this kind of event, you know that business comes in rushes and there are lulls with nothing to do but chat.

I had the camera with me to take pictures for our newsletter. But - there were these interesting trees right beside the parking lot where we were set up. I think the peeling bark is natural, like an arbutus, and I liked the way the edges blurred on the bark patches.

I was most impressed with the lines and colors of the other tree. I think this is actually the result of trauma - maybe
a car had bumped and scraped against this poor little trunk. Over time it has healed itself and left quite a big scar. Since there were no other damaged trees, this seems to have been a singular incident.

Oh, yes, the bottle drive was a success. The rain did stop and it was quite a nice thing to be standing outside. We greeted lots of people - some actually had recyclables - and had a great time getting to know our fellow volunteers a little better.

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Rudee said...

My dad's nickname for me was Arbutus. Hmmm. He had cute names for everyone. He'd say, "Arbutus, could you make your Dad a pot of Coffee? No one makes it as well as you." It took me years to figure out that it was a chore he didn't want to do, so he drizzled the request in honey.

I'm glad your drive was a success! I've done a few fundraisers and they're always a lot of work. Congratulations.


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