Friday, April 17, 2009

Ready to roll

Ta-da! My new swift. She ain't pretty but she works like a dream. Ooh, I'm just racing up that technology ladder.

Now the yarn is all in balls and I've picked my pattern: the Diminishing Rib cardi from the latest Interweave Knits.

After reading all the project comments on Ravelry, I'm sort of wondering how my experience will be. Others report varying degrees of elation and/or disappointment. And, I think, everybody fiddled with the pattern.

My turn - soon!


Paws on the Run said...

I'm surprised you are making something from Knits Mag. I'm going to go check it out on Ravelry!

Rudee said...

I love your swift. I don't know where I packed mine when I moved, but eventually it'll show up. You know, when I saw the color of that lemony yarn, the cardi I thought of was The Mrs. Darcy Cardigan. You can just google it to check it out. I'm not sure if she ever sized it, but I love it. It's on the list.

Stephanie V said...

Mmm...thanks, Rudee, the Mrs Darcy cardi is nice. I'm not sure how it would look on me though - not having a Darcy-esque bod.
And, Wendy, now and then Knits gets it right. Just not often enough to subscribe.


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