Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday wonders

C is for chair.

Most of us sit in them every day. A chair is not, in itself, such a wonderful thing. We invest chairs with meanings of many kinds other than their specific purpose. I started thinking about chairs last week when Penny said she might buy a new one. I looked at the chairs we use and how we use them. What makes them special?
This is one of our kitchen table chairs. We found these for $5 each at a garage sale. They are very comfortable and being kitchen table chairs get a lot of use. This is where meals are eaten, alone or with friends and family. The newspaper is read here every morning. Whenever we have a sit-down task, this is the table to work at. They also have handy uprights for holding a skein of yarn for winding. Just behind this chair is Anne's old high chair. We still use it as a tall stool for the little ones who come to visit.

This is the chair where all the rug hooking is done. I've thought hard but that is it's only function. The seat pad is made from old blue jeans cut into strips and knit with string (yes, string). I found this technique in Nova Scotia and had to try it. It's a bit like thrumming but more dense.

These chairs were in my Dad's home and I inherited them. My step-mother had had them reupholstered (I love the fabric) and she had an extra cushion put in to build up the seat height. I fell in love with them when I stayed with them for a couple of weeks. I discovered that being higher above the arms made them ideal knitting chairs. If you look closely, you can see that they are slightly different in size. I think one chair is meant for the gentleman of the house and one for the lady.

This is known as Grand-dad's chair. It was always in Anne's grandparent's house. It has been reupholstered but the wood is lovely to touch and the shape is good to look at. It's also very comfy. The side chair next to it came from an old Ontario farm. Only the teddy bear can sit on it because the catgut seat is too fragile for anything heavier.

And this is probably my most used chair. The center of my communication and work universe.

But when I read, oh, then I would like to have a chaise longue so I could put my feet up and be stylish as well as comfy. No picture - I don't have one.

What's your favorite chair? And why?

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Joanna said...

I probably spend most time in the desk chair (like you) and second most at the stools at the kitchen island where I read the paper and eat. Chairs do have such character. A friend of mine has done a wonderful series of watercolours of chairs--almost like caricatures showing their different personalities. I love your ABCs.


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