Monday, April 6, 2009

The pier

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. We had lunch down by the Quay and then strolled out on to the Pier. We've been before but it was a lot colder. This time, we had our camera and we had warm weather in which to stop and take things in slowly.

Our first fun feature was noticing that the mooring bollards were all different. I think this is just a sampling. I loved the smooth solidity of each one. That such elegance would be part of a working dock intrigued me. And that such a small thing could actually help to keep a ship in place was even more unlikely.

I'm not sure what the plans are for this cross section of a ship- just the very end really - will be. My eye kept coming back to it as we walked. Mostly because it's really big but also because there's something sad about it. As though lives have been interrupted and the rooms deserted.

I decided that I needed to get a closer look and headed for the binoculars. I really had to get down very low to see anything. About five minutes later, I noticed that there was an adult sized pair on a much taller pole. I wasn't the only one who bent double to see the sights...maybe they could consider switching the locations. The adult one is up a few stairs on a big trolley thing and not really obvious. Kids love to climb on this apparatus so - why not there?

The seagull was just symbolic of the peaceful, warm day. And the flower was so dainty. The whole blossom measures less than 1/2 in across. But it was blooming happily in its little crack in the pavement.

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Joanna said...

Yes, such a joy to have some warm sunny weather these past few days. The cut-open ship is fascinating. It's like looking at an abandoned house and thinking about who lived there and why they left.
And I love the bollards.


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