Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loose ends

I started this little sweater way back in February. I just needed something bright and challenging - and a pink lacy cardigan was perfect. But not too challenging so I knit it Becky-size .

It's been hibernating for a while now while I got up the motivation to actually sew it together. ( I'm sure there must be a whole group of people out there who prefer to finish items.) But last week, I had a shock. I've left it to steep too long...Becky has moved on.

She told me that she loves purple now - and pink has fallen right out of her color wheel!

I will finish it, though. When she sees how pretty it is and how soft and light...how could any little girl refuse?


Rudee said...

She can wear it with a purple tee. It's fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Well I have a little Becky sitting on my knee right now, and she happens to be wearing a bright pink dress, that she chose herself. So I think she was telling you a story when she said she didn't like pink anymore.

She says she was joking. Silly little goose.

Way back in Feb??!? The projects I have on the go were started in Feb 2005 :(


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