Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lunch break

There's wildflowers and there's weeds. I think our garden is a wonderful mix of wildflowers including


and bleeding hearts.

There some plants that are just annoying but which are beautiful despite their nuisance factor.

bracken which spreads slowly but surely...

the quince japonica which sends little treelets up everywhere in the surrounding garden...

And, then, there's the buttercup. Every spring, we spend hours uprooting these persistent plants. Unlike the glorious (and well-behaved) dandelion, the buttercup is like an infiltrating army. Leave one and before you know it there's a hundred. If they didn't choke things out, I wouldn't be so determined. But look at our poor parsley which managed to survive the winter. I have to dig up the good and the bad then replant. It's the only way.

1 comment:

Rudee said...

Regardless, it's green. Even the weeds are making me smile. Now the insects? That's entirely different. I managed to let a wasp in the house yesterday. He died from a chemical exposure.


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