Saturday, April 4, 2009


The first garage sale of the season. Since it was such a nice morning, we decided to run out to a few. There were only a few sales listed, anyway.

Our first one yielded the drum carder at a ridiculous price...we had to buy it. It needed some TLC and Anne has been happily wielding the WD40 and a pair of pliers all afternoon.

And I found the most beautiful spinner. The woman selling it called it a Salish spinner and that sold me. I love the glow of the wood and the smoothness. It looks as though it's been used often. Some research told me that it is also called an Indian Head spinner and was developed for the bulky Cowichan wool which would later be knit into those nice warm sweaters. Don't know if carding and spinning are really in my future.

And, I bought an old swift. It's not terribly elegant but is serviceable. I've always wanted one and the price was right. They don't appear very often at garage sales. It's now sitting on the new (to me) shelving unit in the sunroom - just waiting for the next dyed yarn project. I really like the shelves as they give me more storage. Yes, I need more storage! And I can get all my plants on top so they might be in my face enough to get watered regularly.

My last delight was free. This sign just begged to be taken home.


Paws on the Run said...

I'm so jealous! Great finds. And that Barbie sign is perfect for you guys!!

Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

I read that ad out loud to my hubby, glad to know those things found a good home.

Stephanie V said...

Happy to help!


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