Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today, I'm thinking about my Dad. When he lived in Victoria, he had these primroses in his garden. They travelled with him when he moved to a townhouse. I loved their color: the vivid magenta with the red inner circle - so welcome after the monotony of winter. When he moved to the Mainland, I transplanted quite a few to our garden so that he could still enjoy them.

After, the snowdrops and crocuses, these are the sure sign that spring is here. The daffodils are a nice color contrast, I think. And the mini-daffs always blossom at the same time as the primroses. It's as if Mother Nature had a color coordinator.

Although Dad has been gone from us for a few years now, I think of him when the primroses bloom and I remember how he loved them, too.


Anonymous said...

Those purple primulas always remind me of my Mom, who had a whole border of them. They seemed to winter much better than the new hybrids do, and they multiply.


Anonymous said...

Charlie has taken to running up to our transplants and yelling "great grandpa's flowers"


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