Tuesday, April 14, 2009


An opening in the schedule coincided with a window of sunshine so we indulged in a walk through the Maplewood mudflats. Try this link for another point of view and more information.

Our purpose was to check out the spring scene, see the birds and walk in one of our favorite locations here on the North Shore.

We saw lots of birds but they were all moving too fast for our camera. The turtle was lazily sunning himself and was a pretty easy target.

And we tried to get a photo of the bald eagles sitting on the osprey nest sites but too far away even with the zoom. But we saw lots of new plant life and it was much more cooperative.

The field horsetails were growing

The salmonberries were blooming

A tamarack, or larch, was busy putting out new leaves

And one of the bench supports sported a dandelion - they do grow anywhere! - as well as a shepherd's purse growing out of it.

We'll be back.


Joanna said...

Isn't is just thrilling to see the new growth this month? I'm loving your photos.

Stephanie V said...

It seems so dramatic. Although, I don't think we're quite in the same league as the high north when the sun finally gets to warm the earth. It just seems to have a been a long, cold winter.

DiamondVVV1 said...

I've just discovered the mudflats and love them, great post!! Hope to see you there one day.


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