Thursday, April 23, 2009

Future shock

This hemlock started it all. Trees don't just grow up - they also grow out. And when they decide to grow beside the street, eventually the girth will impede the ability to see oncoming traffic. Hey! That's kind of important.

So, we called up the municipal arborist who determined that it was big enough to be in the way but not big enough to need a permit. Before he made decisions, though, he had to consult with the traffic engineers.

Today, we got the verdict. Since our whole 'living fence' is on city property and, since, in their opinion, it is just as big a problem, everything must go. We have been thinking this might happen ever since we started the dialogue and so we've been making some new plans.

Last week, Anne found a beautiful white rhody and a double white azalea to plant in the new bare spaces. We can try to save the forsythia plants. And we have a copper beech that has survived the truck crashing into - and crushing - its big pot. I'm quite excited about that - they are such beautiful trees. We've nurtured this one since we discovered it as a seedling in the back garden.

So, next week, we'll be more exposed to the road. But since most of it was accidental planting, we can be more intentional. A phoenix will rise.


Joanna said...

I've always loved the idea of a living fence. It's just that they take so long to build! ~|~
Will you get more light without the hemlock tree?

Stephanie V said...

Yes, there will be lots more light, less privacy and a bit more road noise. The rhodies that will be left should benefit from that light as will any of the new plantings.

Rudee said...

I had a living fence at my daughter's house, all arborvitae trees. One year, they all died after a particularly hard winter. The view was never the same and I never got used to the bareness in that spot. There is one tree left that's doing well now that the others are gone.

Enjoy the rhodies.

Paws on the Run said...

At least it will be easier to get out of your driveway now!

Love the first picture of tree!

Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Wendy. I just realized I posted it sideways. Oops!


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