Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thinking big

These tiny little stems are our gardening adventure for this growing season. Every winter, Maria dreams through the seed catalogs and gets ready to start her garden. We're so lucky that she takes orders for seedlings. Even luckier that she encourages us to try something new.

This time, we ordered three leek plants. They are tiny now but they grow to be six feet! I took some worm's-eye views just to make them look like anything at all. Hard to imagine that they will be as sturdy as they appear to be in the Westcoast Seed photos. Apparently, they are pretty fool-proof and we look forward to having a leek feast about the end of August.

But if I thought we were adventurous, it's nothing compared to NASA. They are planning a future launch, Lunar Oasis, which will put a greenhouse on the moon. I wonder if we will live long enough to have our broccoli imported from space.

I'm having trouble embedding the links today. Here's the link to giant leeks:

and here's the one for Lunar oasis:

I'll try again later...perhaps the linker thingie is on a break this morning.


Joanna said...

They are such tiny seedlings. I just bought a few as well. We haven't grown leeks before. Any tips?

Stephanie V said...

Everything I know came from that Westcoast seeds link. We can compare notes as they grow. I'm sure yours will be quicker than ours as we don't get the amount of sunshine and warm weather that you get there.

Rudee said...

Mmmmm. Potato leek soup.


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