Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday wonder

F is for Flying.

Humans have always looked to the skies and imagined flying like the birds. Imagine being able to look down on the earth and see what a bird sees:

When I was a kid I know I dreamed of flying. I think my idea of flying, really, was to go fast. To feel wind on my face was as good as flying and I didn't actually have to leave the ground. Besides, logical parents informed me that I couldn't actually fly. My early bugs-in-the-teeth adventures with my brother (who didn't seem as keen)

grew into flying down long hills on my bicycle. That's the best part of slogging to the top of a hill, with a bike, skis, or a sled: to fly down to the bottom and then start all over again. Kids have that kind of energy.

I think sailing gives one the same windy experience and it can almost seem like flying. Parasailing, or hang gliding really are flying - even a magic carpet ride like in the stories we used to read.

And I'm sure that's why kids like to swing...

I'm still waiting for my ultimate flying experience, though. I have this dream to ride one of the ziplines on Grouse Mountain. One day, I'll do it. Maybe this year?

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Rudee said...

Years ago I wanted to skydive. I never got around to it. Maybe this is why I like roller coaster rides so much.


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