Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treasure trove

I have a lot of buttons. Jars of them. And they are all sorted into colors. They've come from many, many different sources.

The other day I was given a grocery bag half-full of a friend's no longer needed stash. Oh, what fun! I filled up my jars and gave over half away to the thrift shop.

There were even some still on cards.

I'm always looking for enough of the same button when finishing a garment. If you want one special button - I'm your gal. But expecting to find more than two alike has been akin to seeking a matched pair of Barbie shoes. Yeah, I know I could go buy some. It just seems wrong when there's jars sitting in their little box waiting for a chance to shine.

Pink and purple buttons for Becky...


Rosemary aka fabricfan said...

If you need x number of buttons, the perfect buttons in your stash is x-1.

Rudee said...

Ooooh. I would take those singles and do a mosaic table top with them! Something small so you don't have to give up too many, but think of what a conversation piece that would be. I have a mosaic tile idea brewing in my head using glass tiles.


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