Tuesday, October 18, 2011


How do you pack for a trip by air?

Waiting for a train in Cobh, Ireland
I have always tried to pack as small as possible since I hate to wait for the baggage to get from the plane to the carousel.  So, carry-on luggage is the goal.  Not always possible, though, so the big cases have to get pressed into service.

This last time, however, we felt that the message from the airlines is that carry-on luggage is preferred.  And darn little of that.  We would have to pay a surcharge for each checked bag - AND wait at a carousel.  Double dose of annoyance factor.  So, being thrifty people we managed two weeks with carry-on luggage.  Fortunately, we went to a warm place with no heavy clothes required.  Shorts and T-shirts don't take up much space.  My hiking boots, however, took up a LOT of space.

Anyway, this is what I was actually wondering:  if everyone thinks the way we do , there will be a lot of empty space in the baggage hold(?), area (?).  How will the airlines use this space?  Will they solicit commercial cargo to supplement their revenue from each flight?  More frightening important is: what are the consequences of having empty baggage whatevers?  Does it create an imbalance?  How important is that?

 Oh, my faith in flying is being severely tested with these thoughts.  Must put them out of my mind. 


Joanna said...

We went to Italy with only carry on baggage. It was a challenge to pack but we made it. My bag had wheels but Harry's actually had to be carried. After trekking at least a mile through the Frankfurt airport he's decided to get a wheeled bag. I have to say though that we purchased another bag and checked one on the way back so we could bring some purchases home.

As for your question about cargo holds, I don't want to think about it either!

Ginny said...

Goodness, never having flown and hoping never to fly, I knew none of this!!! Well, there seems to be far reaching implications, it is a bit scary...

My Kid's Mom said...

When I have to fly, I take as little as possible.

Rudee said...

Why you know the answer to the cargo holds. It's used to ship paid freight. You don't think they'd let it fly empty, do you? It's not alone though because my suitcase is with it. Because of my back, I don't lift luggage above my head. I carry a knitting bag full of my most important stuff and let the rest fly below. It's always found me.

Mimi said...

I'm on same wavelength as you Stephanie, carry-on baggage only , if at all possible. With Ryanair, it's the only way here!
Not sure re the effect on the plane, and don't want to think about it. Reminds me of when we flew on a 10-seater to a little island in the Bahamas- we were each weighed with our luggage, to ablance the weight on the plane!Arrgh!

Mimi said...

p.s. love the Cobh photo, nice surprise to see another Irish one!


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