Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Front porch chattin'

Got my knitting? Check.  A carrot for Wendell?  Check.  I'm ready to head off to Patrice's front porch to chat with her company today.  Wonder what we're talking about today?  Let's have a look...

1. What kind of camera do you use?  I take all my photos with a Fuji S2000HD.  It has a fabulous macro lens - I'm all about those super close-ups.

2. What will you have for Thanksgiving dinner? If not in the US, tell us about a special meal, please.  Since Thanksgiving has come and gone here, I will share a fabulous dinner that I had in the restaurant at Mesa Verde resort.  Pork medallions dusted with cinnamon and chili powder, grilled portabello mushroom, red chili polenta and a chipotle cream sauce.  THAT was delicious!

3.  What's the biggest vehicle you've driven?  A 15-seat school bus.  Pretty easy when the seats are empty.

4.  Have you ever been on a train? This can be a commuter train or the chugga-chugga-choo-choo kind.:)  I have been on all of those kinds of trains.  One of my 'bucket list' entries was to take a train across Canada...specifically to see the Prairies.  I learned a lot on that trip - mostly that all train travel on the Prairies seems to be done at night!  We also took trains exclusively while travelling in Ireland.  

5.  What question would you like to ask the people visiting on my porch next week?   What is your favorite addition to peanut butter in a sandwich? 

If you want to visit too, just come on over to Everyday Rurality...right here.



Cathy Kennedy said...

My favorite companion with PB is either bananas or strawberry preserves. Yum, just thinking abou that makes me want some. Okay...I know what I'm fixing for lunch!

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Have a good day!
Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh, you've done the train ride across Canada!! That is SUCH a dream trip to make. Hubby and I always talk about it... one day. One day!

I love the sound of that meal of pork medallions etc. Y-um!

As for the question for next week... Are you serious. Peanut Butter.... I can't think of much worse to eat, with or without anything else!! (But, I'm Scottish - what do I know?!)
Love, Anne x

My Kid's Mom said...

I started eating pb and American cheese when I was pregnant with my daughter almost 30 years ago and have been eating it ever since!

Farm Girl said...

I like the idea of traveling by train across Canada. That sound really nice.
We have never smoked a whole turkey before either just Turkey breasts and my brother who gave me the smoker said, I have to do a whole turkey, I think I will brine it first which makes it even better.
We don't have cold weather until after Christmas so we can all still be outside at Thanksgiving. :(
Have a great week!

Patrice said...

I would love to take a long train ride either across Canada or perhaps a scenic part of the US that I haven't seen yet. I like your question and will add it in one of the next chats. Have a good rest of the week! Wendell says thank you.

EmptyNester said...

Oh great. Now I want portabello mushrooms for supper. LOL I do love them so much! YUMMY! I bet that trip across Canada was gorgeous! I was in Toronto once and we saw a big screen movie about the western part of Canada and I was simply amazed at all the beauty!

Ginny said...

The peanut butter sandwich would have to be either Nutella or marshmallow creme. You drove a school bus but it was empty?

Stephanie V said...

Oh, my. I have to clarify. The Prairies was as far as I got on the train. And I think the next time I attempt cross-Canada, I will drive.

Ginny - There were kids in the seats either to or from school. But in between it was just me and the radio :)


I love train travel.On my bucket list is the Ghan.goes from Adelaide,up thru Alice Springs to Darwin.

Angie said...

Interesting questions. Running out of time again - back later! Have a good day.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Peanut btter and chocolate spread. Perfect! :)


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