Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Stash

It's Saturday - again!  Can't quite believe that it's here already.  What have I got off the needles this week?

Little this pretty cabled hat.  I thought the original pattern looked kind of plain so I put a tassel on it.

Of course, there's really plain - no pattern at all but just the right amount of this emerald green yarn.

A pattern that needed to be made a little smaller.  Not because of yarn running out, though.  No, it was the needle issue.  I didn't have a circular OR double points that were really big enough.  So, on with the show.  I just used what I had and got a smaller size!

I had a tiny scrap of the orange left so, I thought a cute little pumpkin would do.  There wasn't enough for the original pattern so I just made it smaller...less than 2 inches high!  I was taking photos on the front step (only dry place with light yesterday) when the postman caught me and my little pumpkin.  And the hats all lined up on the steps, too. There was one more hat but I forgot to take a photo before I shipped it off to the shop.  Dumb, huh?  I may be able to sneak in with my camera this week. I'll take pictures anywhere.

And, yay!   I finished my Walkin' the Line socks.  Now to get the pattern written up and on Ravelry. They'll be delivered to Maria this morning.  I don't get to keep them...that was just for the photo op. 

The really good news is that all those hats in the last couple of weeks has made a serious drop in the tide line of my stash.  They were all bulky yarns and took up space.  It looked a lot better until I frogged a red pullover that doesn't fit me anymore.  I have ideas for a replacement, but not quite yet.

Needles ready?  The next week has begun!


Courtney said...

Lots of knitting going on there!! Love that little pumpkin and the socks are awesome!

Deb said...

Love the new socks!
The bulky yarn does take up a lot of realesate doesn't it. Good thing I don't tend to knit with it much & therefore don't have much in the stash :)

Ginny said...

The socks are beautiful! And I love all the colors of the various hats! I love the tiny pumpkin, if I'd have seen it sooner, I would have asked for it and thrown some more money in the card!

Mimi said...

Love the socks, they look so very cosy.
The hats are really cute too.
Glad you're seeing the effect on your stash, though seeing these photos each week must be good motivation to keep going too.

Farm Girl said...

OH such pretty things and I do love those socks.
You have been so busy.


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