Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Stash

Really late getting here this morning because I was trying to finish up one of the baby hats.  I hope you didn't mind waiting.

I found some chunky yarn in the chest and decided that baby hats would be a quick project to use it up.  And they are always good sellers at the seniors craft corner.  The purple one is a pattern called Chunky Dean Street.  Very easy.  The dark pink one is kind of a riff on the same pattern.  I just changed it up to make it more fun to knit. I'm not too happy making the exact same pattern again - not even once more. 

And I have finished up the leftover pumpkin-colored wool lurking in my stash.  I think these are perfect for Hallowe'en.  It gets cold taking those trick-or-treaters around the houses.

And these are such cute little owls easily made by manipulating 2-stitch cables!  The pattern is called Owlings...the beads are optional but I thought they added to Hallowe'en theme.

I used a bit more of the pink to make this cute, very warm and a fun, easy knit.  It stays on your head so snugly.  With the mohair blend yarn it is very cozy and soft.  This is Grantham - perfect for the inner aviator. 

And, last, a scarf in the same pumpkin wool.  Guaranteed to keep someone's neck really warm in the winter winds.  This is one of those scarf patterns that looks pretty good on the reverse, too.  I used the ScWiNoNa pattern.  As you might be able to tell, I liked the pattern enough to repeat it in the pink baby hat.  It is VERY easy to memorize and adapt to almost anything.  Think I'll try in socks one of these days.  I love bias designs.

That's it for this week.  I haven't crossed of a lot of inventory but I've added to the lot that is going to the craft corner for sale.  Nor is that stash pile getting much smaller.  I think I'll have to work on a biggish project to do that.  Hmm...what could I knit next?


Ginny said...

All so beautiful!! You are a master!! The pink hat is my favorite of the two, I love the swirled design and the ring on top. Those owl hand warmers, WOW, and the matching scarf. Would you sell them, or at least the hand warmers?? If you would, just tell me the price and I will buy them, they are wonderful and would be worth every penny of whatever you would want.!!!! Everything about them, the color, the design, is awesome. In fact, I always see things you make that I would like, but I know you don't usually sell them, this is too hard to resist. You could really run a nice business, even in the Etsy shop!

Ginny said...

P.S. don't feel bad if you don't want to sell them, I understand.

Joanna said...

I like the hot pink hat too. Where do you sell these treasures? Can I buy one?

Joanna said...

I like the hot pink hat too. Where do you sell these treasures? Can I buy one?

Sue H said...

Really like thd 'aviator'-style hat - wouldn't mind one myself! (or a sneak peek at the pattern! ;-p)

Farm Girl said...

I love seeing all of your work. My daughter in law is a knitter and I just love to sit and watch her by the hour. It all looks great.

Rudee said...

I can't believe how much you got done this week. I like it all, but especially those very timely mitts!


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