Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hooking rugs

Maybe it's because it's a bit chillier in the mornings.  Or maybe it's because I keep expecting to see frost instead of dew in the morning.  I'm thinking about hooked rugs.

Some new followers may have been wondering why I have Hookin' in my blog title.  Well, there was a time when I hooked rugs as much as I knit.  Not so much now.  In fact I haven't hooked anything for a couple of years.  At least.  And I don't really want to think too hard about it.  I know that my couple of years is probably more like five!

But sometimes, I get a little jump start.  And the giveaway from Courtney at  Sassafras and Winterberry got me to thinking I'd like to make some wool strips and get that hook working.  Check out what she's offering: hand-dyed wool and yarn - right up my street. 

I have a rug already drawn and waiting for the 'GO'.  I've been concentrating on the knitting but I could just as easily hook, couldn't I?   When I look in the cupboards with drawers full of lovely wool to hook up, my fingers itch.  But then they itch when they see beautiful quilt designs or lovely sewing patterns, too.  Itchy fingers don't get the job done, apparently.

My excuse has been that my volunteer commitments have taken my time.  And that's true.  It's been easier - and more relaxing - to get at the knitting.  I am hoping that one of my bigger commitments will end this spring.  Maybe I should get in a bit of practice for then. Or clear some more stash to make room :)
Hope I win the giveaway...


Ginny said...

What is the one with the sheep, is it a throw rug? I LOVE it!!!! Gosh, I wish you lived near me, I would spend all my money on asking you to make me things, you have such a way with color!!

April said...

I hope you win the giveaway. I think you could make something lovely!

Stephanie V said...

Ginny - it's a tea cosy. But, it was on the floor when I took the photo.

J.G. said...

Oh goodness, I love the first one! Such a marriage of form and function. What does a rug like that cost, to buy or to make?


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