Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Wonders - V

V is for Vessels.  The ones that float on water - not the ones that hold it.  That's a whole different post.

Living in a city on the ocean, it's pretty hard not to see vessels - of all kinds.  People just get in their boats and go for a (what would you call it?) the way motorists go for a Sunday drive. 

In fact, when I was looking for photos to illustrate, I realized that one walk had produced all the vessels one could wish for.   There were huge cruise ships getting provisioned to sail to Alaska...

And rowers out practicing among the fishing boats and other marine traffic...

Float planes, inflatables and a paddle-wheeler...

 and a tugboat all work and play on this busy waterfront.

On a summer day. you can find smaller vessels on a river just waiting to take you on a scenic paddle.

Or, if pirates are your thing.  Check out the movie ship that's brought some pirates to town.

And, if you live here on the West Coast, you become way too familiar with our ferries.  I've done an awful lot of knitting on board a few of these big ones.  Of course, there's nothing quite like the ocean wind in your face while enjoying a brisk walk around the deck. 

No walking on the deck of one these little cuties.  I love how they bob around in our inner harbors and as vessels go, they are definitely on the humbler side.  All of these vessels are vital to our economy and I have enormous respect for all those who spend their lives on the water.  Nice to have all this in my front yard - sort of.


Ginny said...

I love the colorful picture of all the kayakers, then to scroll down and go from that to the big pirate ship, WOWZA!!! I love all these different ships, most of which I have never seen in real life! Ferries and tugboats are always so cute!

Annie said...

Good morning, Stephanie. I've had the pleasure of taking a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria Island. Also, from the coast of England to Calais, FR, and several others in between. I love, love, love, ferries.

Farm Girl said...

That would be a wonderful sight. I love to watch ships and boats in the harbor. It has been a long time though. I love the picture of the pirate ship.

EmptyNester said...

Wow, you could have been talking about Charleston! We saw so many boats out on the water today! The three masted schooner was my favorite. I love that movie ship you posted! And I want to get on that cruise ship to Alaska!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a dream to take a cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.... *Sigh* !

We visited Vancouver in 2001 - my mum and I - and I would *love* to visit with hubby and kids. What a wonderful part of the world your whole country is :)
Anne x


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