Thursday, October 13, 2011


Many people from my generation have boxes of slides in the attic, the basement, the storage unit. And no one wants to get out the slide projector and screen - assuming they are still around and haven't been flogged at a garage sale long ago.

Slides were a little like the digital camera - a little.  Since processing was included it was cheaper than printing the photos.  With digital, we can snap and delete as much as we want in the effort to get the perfect photo.  Print film made us much less trigger-happy.  But, with slides, there was a little more leeway.  In any event, over the years the slide boxes multiplied.  Then we all moved on to digital and left the slides to gather dust.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like to look at old photo albums.  A few of the slides were printed at the time so there was something to put in the album but there were more that have been forgotten.  And, now, our family slides are being scanned and stored in a more accessible form.  This is a huge project, takes lots of patience and my ex is doing it all.  Of course, he also took most of the photos.

The other day I was searching for Thanksgiving pics and came across this one.  Love it.  It says so much to me.  Some day, historians will look at these kinds of photos and wonder at the fashion sense of the 70's.  Really.  Have you ever seen anything uglier?    My daughter is too young to notice then...I'm sure she's averting her eyes now LOL  This dress was strictly for home- it never saw the outdoors.  Does that help at all?

What else do I see?  Well, clearly, I have inherited my mother's (this was taken at my parents') ability to use every horizontal surface for not-so-temporary storage.  It's pretty obvious that my daughter is trying to escape eating that horrible-looking glop in the jar.  And, if you can mentally crop out the background, her dad did a lovely job of composing this photo. I'm glad of the background, though, for the depth of information it holds. 

I'm enjoying looking at the digital photo album that he's creating.  Ah, memories.


Ginny said...

I'm enjoying looking at this one and hope you will be showing more! I agree, I like all the stuff in the background, it tells more of the story. I see Mr. Man In The Moon and a wedding picture! I would hope the background stays, it brings added memories.

My Kid's Mom said...

I went on the local "Spoon River Drive" last weekend and saw some dresses that look remarkably like that one!

Andrea said...

Actually, all I was really noticing was your gorgeous hair! Wishing I'd inherited that... :( I think Dad's shirts were much more garish than this!

Rudee said...

We just inherited 8 boxes of slides. It's going to be a major project.

I like your attire. Just because it doesn't appeal to you now doesn't mean it wasn't just perfect then. Don't you wish you had a piece of that for a quilt?

fabricfan said...

Love it.

Emille said...

Great pic of the past, Stephanie! Who knows what we'll say 30 years from now about the fashions these days!


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