Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Front porch chattin'

It's the day for avsiit with Patrice and her friends on the front porch.  Sure hope it's not raining at her house. I don't have a nice front porch where I can hear and see the rain but not get wet.  A porch would be just the thing.  I'm sitting in my favorite chair on her porch, my knitting in hand, and I'm ready for today's questions.  Here they come...

1.  Barbie asks: What's your favorite coffee drink?  I only drink tea.  Over ten years ago, I tried to drink my morning coffee and it tasted like mud.  The same kind of coffee I'd always had.  So, I switched to tea and I've been here ever since.  When I was drinking coffee, my favorite was a cappuccino - with cinnamon.

2. Dreaming asks: What's the chore you hate the most that you wish Blogger would come do?  Clean my bathroom.  I'm actually quite fussy about a clean bathroom yet I hate doing it.  You can see this as a recipe for disaster.  So, if blogger wants to come do this, I'm up for it.

 3.  Farm Girl asks: Why did you decide to start a blog? I think the real answer is: because I could.  I actually had something going back in 2007, but apparently blogger doesn't think it worthy because I can't find it anymore.  So my posts start a year later - in a pretty tentative way. I have always just shared what I'm doing: knitting, hooking, garden stuff , family...whatever.   Still writing about it, too.  I have met some really great people and I know that in my small way, I have contributed to a few bloggers success. 

4.  Suzanne asks: Who's your most famous relative? I can't think of any famous relatives. 

5.  Cathy Kennedy asks: Have you ever given yourself a home perm? Oh, no, never.  I have naturally curly hair.  I have ironed my hair to be straight, though.  So, I guess that's kind of the same thing.  Ironing doesn't last as long as a perm, though, and I never thought if it in the same way until just now.

Come join us on the porch at Everyday Rurality. Every week there's new folks to meet.  Thanks for hosting, Patrice.


EmptyNester said...

I only drink tea and water. No coffee. I remember people ironing their hair. When the lovelies were coming along they used straighteners---I believe an actual iron was used back in the day. LOL

Stephanie V said...

Yup...real iron and a silk scarf. I was there.

Ginny said...

We don't have a porch either. We have two stoops, side and back, with overhangs. Maybe two people will fit on them and if the rain slants we get wet. Wouldn't you just LOVE a porch?? Maybe wraparound with screen and wicker furniture and plants inside. The bathroom gets my vote, too!

Madeleine said...

We don't have a porch either.
I loved all the factoids about you. I love coffee and tea, but they have to be just right.
I find vacuuming makes me hot and cross!

Patrice said...

I'm a tea drinker. I LOVE tea. I used to be a coffee drinker, but I like the smell far more than the taste. I'm sure that my husband's blood type is FR (French Roast). He drinks gallons a day. Having someone clean the bathroom would be nice. See you next week!

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog it was nice to meet you! I like a good cup of tea too (although my 1st love is coffee) there are so many flavors of tea!
I'm totally the same way about the bathroom!
Have a great rest of your week!

Rudee said...

I wish I could get someone else to clean my bathroom, too.


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