Monday, October 10, 2011

Times change

And yet they remain somehow the same.  Yesterday was the annual gathering for Thanksgiving at my brother's home. 
I found myself a backseat passenger with my BIL in a car driven by my younger son    I vividly remember practicing his driving techniques with him - not that long ago.  Given the instructions we were throwing over to the front seat,   I'm sure he would say that we were back-seat drivers not passengers.  We were heading oft to this party that has been going on for many years now.  It's always different each year as new people come into the family and loved ones pass from our lives. 

Grampa and first generation of kids

 On the way home, we reflected on our status as passengers and how the wheel has turned. It doesn't seem all that long ago that our kids were kids and they needed to be driven everywhere.   And the Thanksgiving celebration evolved too, over those years, from a houseful of boisterous kids and teenagers to a kind of sedate adult-ish group.   

Becky gets the party started
The arrival of grandkids changed everything and now there are five youngsters in the next generation.  Yesterday was an afternoon of happy noise:  people laughing, talking, crying, running, cooking and finally eating some yummy food. Much, much too busy to take any photos.  I couldn't juggle a camera and cuddle the newest baby, too.  Guess no one else could either. 


Emille said...

At least you have one good photo...and the happy memories! They are priceless:)

Mimi said...

And part of the story is being too busy partying to take photos. Even though I love photos, I think the main thing is to live our lives, not record them. Your interpretation of the timeline is lovely. Happy Thanksgiving.

My Kid's Mom said...

You may not have pictures but I'm sure you have some good memories.

Andrea said...

He made you sit in the back seat?!

EmptyNester said...

Given the choice, I would have picked cuddling the new baby too! I can't wait for Thanksgiving here. Although we won't be going to my dad's this year- our oldest daughter's BFF and his finance are getting married that Saturday and missing it would be like missing one of our own. I love the pictures you posted today! I'm one of those weirdos who loves looking at pictures of everyone's family!

Rudee said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving. Yes, it's amazing how fast things change.

I love your photos!


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