Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Wonders -U

U is for Up.

Some times, you have to climb up in order to get out.  No way around this ladder...just do it.  Once we had climbed down and around the cliff face to get into the cliff house site, we did have to get out again.  We were warned and a few people did drop out at that point.  I was happy that the ladders were one way - UP! 

It helps to be up in a tree if you want to sit in the sun safely.  This might work better for rock squirrels than it does for humans.

The ancient family who lived in Canyon de Chelly might have noticed the squirrels sitting in their tree.  They built their houses up on this rock shelf to be safe from animals, floods and., perhaps, enemies. 

Just a long shot to show how far up some people were prepared to go to find security. And my way of sneaking in a few more travel pics. 


EmptyNester said...

There is no way I could have gone down or up---too closed in! And all I can think about is the guy who got stuck and had to cut his arm off to get out. I know, my mind is weird.

Still, I have enjoyed the photos of your vacay- so keep 'em coming!

Annie said...

What an awesome experience. I would do it in a cold New York minute. This from a gal who Does. Not. Like. Heights. Cliff House is not to be missed. Kudos to you.

Ginny said...

Oh my, this is truly awesome! You don't need an excuse to sneak these pictures in, I love them!

Farm Girl said...

It really is so beautiful and I think I would have enjoyed taking the ladder just to see the views.
I am glad you posted some more pictures.

Anonymous said...

The canyon dwellings are amazing.

Rudee said...

I think they did it for the million dollar view. Beautiful!


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